Keep checking the P.E. page of Vauxhall Primary’s Year 6 class blog, to get up to date results and pictures from our football, hockey, netball, basketball and cricket matches!


6 Responses to P.E.

  1. Spring 1 Week 6
    Football News
    A big well done to our Y5/Y6 football team, who came 4th in a London Schools football tournement. A special mention to our goal scorers; Ibrahim, Palace, Wendy and Mustafa!

    Go Vauxhall Primary!

  2. Spring 1 Week 2
    Football News
    Well done to the Year 5 and 6 football team who won their match against St Saviours yesterday! The final score was 1-0, and our goal was scored by Year 6’s very own Ibrahim!

    An amazing result, well done to everyone involved!

  3. Tanjia says:

    Congratulations To The Vauxhall Team! Well Done Palace And Mustafa!

  4. Autumn 2 Week 5
    Brilliant news! Our Y6/Y5 Football team won their match yesterday 3-0 against St Andrews!
    Congratulations to the whole team including the goal scorers Palace and Mustafa.

    Post your comments on the PE page congratulating our team.

  5. Autumn 2 Week 4
    Football News
    Unfortunately our Y6/Y5 football team were unlucky in their fixture this week. Let’s give them lots of support to help them win in their next match.
    GO TEAM!

  6. Autumn 2 Week 3
    Football News
    Our Y6/Y5 football were scheduled to play Loughborough Primary yesterday, however they failed to turn up to the match. Therefore, we got the full 3 points!
    Luckily we were able to play friendly against Stockwell Primary and we drew 1-1.

    Well done to everyone in the team!

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