Keep checking the Numeracy page of our Year 6 class blog for Maths problems and investigations to solve!



3 Responses to Numeracy

  1. Tanjia says:

    Maisie had 46 breadcrumbs! List all the multiples of 4, then add 2 to each number. After , list the multiples of 5, then add 1 to each number. Finally, look for a number in the middle of 30 and 50 that is the same in each list!

  2. Problem of the week #2

    Maisie the mouse had between 30 and 50 breadcrumbs

    She counted the breadcrumbs in fours. There were two left over.

    She counted them in fives. There was one left over.

    How many breadcrumbs did Maisie have?

  3. Tanjia says:

    He had £540,000! He spent £360,000 on his house. £120,000 on his yacht. Also, he spent 40,000 on a hot air balloon and £20,000 on a flashy car! That makes £540,000!

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