Book Club

Have you read a good book lately? If so, share your thoughts and feelings about it on the Book Club page of the Year 6 class blog!


Are you looking for reading inspiration? Check out your classmates’ recommendations on the Book Club page.

Happy Reading!


5 Responses to Book Club

  1. Tanjia says:

    I have read Trash by Andy Milligan! It is an amazing book for of mystery and adventure. You follow Rapheal,Gordo and Rat while they are hiding something from the police and they all talk about what they are doing, so it is like a special diary! I give it 8 out of 10 because it is a great book to read and very descriptive and real!

  2. Saabir says:

    I have been reading Flip by Martyn Bedford recently. It is a really good book. It has been written smartly to make sure you never put the book down. It is about this boy called Alex wakes up one day to find himself turned into a boy he’s never seen called Phillip. He goes to look in a mirror and sees he is not quite himself(literally). He then goes to his school and his classmates realise he is not acting like himself but of course he does not tell anyone the true story of what happened because he knows no-one would believe him.

    One day, he goes to the library and because Alex – or should I say Phillip? – has his mind, he automatically does Alex’s library card details and finds they have the exact same day and date of birth – freaky!

    I would rate this book eight out of ten as it is a brilliant book.

  3. llham says:

    I really like all the Michael Morpurgo books especially Private Peaceful,Kensuke’s Kingdom and Why The Whales Came.I would rate his books 10 out of 10.

  4. ryan says:

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a brilliant book I rate it 9 out of ten
    from Ryan

  5. Tanjia says:

    I have been reading The Worst Thing About My Sister By: Jacqueline Wilson and Illustrated By: Nick Sharrot and it is about a two girls, Marty and Melissa who are always fighting and it gets worse when they have to share a room together! I give it 8 out of 10 because it is based on reality however it is more descriptive and less of the story.

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